From Homeless Man to Music Sensation

What do most of us do when we fall flat on our face? Let it hamper us from moving forward? But if we can get up and keep moving forward, things change. Some opportunity comes up.

Donald Gould, a man in Sarasota, Florida, was a Marine Corp clarinet player and was on his way to becoming a music teacher, but he lost his wife and fell hard.
He became homeless and turned to substance abuse.
He then lost his son to child services too.

But one fine day, things changed completely for this homeless man.

He was caught playing a beautiful piano rendition of Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’ on Main Street. This video caught the attention and received more than 28 million views.

This man then realized he had to turn around his situation and landed himself into rehab for 2 months.

Slowly he started getting more and more recognition, and now he has become an international sensation and is recording his own album.

This inspiring story just tells us that things always keep changing and we need to grab the opportunity that presents itself and keep moving forward.

[H/t: Boredpanda]