‘Impossible Is Nothing’ Just Watch It!


The minute the video opens you notice Kevin Garnett, American professional basketball player who is considered one of the most versatile and dominant players of his time. You see a guy climbing on to Kevin’s shoulder and Kevin walks tall, nonchalantly. Then you find people running up and climbing on top of Kevin’s shoulder and he keeps walking. The pile up of people on his shoulder is unbelievable, like a huge cauliflower on a totem pole! The song “You got the whole world in his hand’ is perfectly in sync with the visuals.You marvel at the way the visual though digitized looks so real. The video clip ends on Kevin’s shoes and when the signature line “Impossible is Nothing’appears you know it is an Ad for Adidas! But what the heck, it is good fun while it lasts. Watch it! what an outlandish idea.