Incredible Coffee Paintings That Will Stun You

Coffee enthusiasts, here is a creative twist to your favorite beverage that you might not be aware of. Content curators and those working in the creative field can relate to the fact that coffee gives them inspiration to work. But what happens when this drink is itself source of inspiration to amazing art.

Many artists around the world have been proving that coffee paintings are similar to water color paintings, though various themes and portraits.

We compiled a list of some of the best coffee paintings

1.  The details on this painting of Water Gennie are so on point

A photo posted by Rev Cruz (@revcruz) on

2. The Violin painted with coffee

3. The process usually looks messy but the results are some of the best 

A photo posted by ART by NZ (@art_by_nz) on

4. Mangrove trees – Coffee on canvas 

5. “Ballerino De Cafe”

A photo posted by Amy Mills (@amymillsartist) on

6. The Melbourne Skyline 

A photo posted by Amy Mills (@amymillsartist) on

7. Taylor Swift 

8. Delectable macarons

9. “Branchette, the tree fairies”

10. Superman

A photo posted by Rens Tuzon (@renstuzon) on

If you are curious to know how some artists do it, here is a short video:


Feature Image Via @ma_aris.