Incredible India: Believe it or not there are Reverse Waterfalls in Pune

We’ve seen all kinds of waterfalls in India: hidden waterfalls, underwater waterfalls, frozen waterfalls. But just when we thought we’d seen them all — we discovered one type of waterfall we’ve never before considered: Reverse Waterfalls or Upside Down Waterfalls.

It’s really quite unbelievable. A waterfall running upside down! This is what happens when the forces of nature clash. Strong wind creates a reverse waterfall. Water fall going against gravity due to high winds thus forcing the stream of water to spray upward or blow backward, and this behaviour of the waterfall is not an uncommon sight when the wind is strong. Nevertheless it’s always a sight to behold.,
So really, it’s an optical illusion: upside down waterfalls only appear to be flowing in the opposite direction. Mother nature playing tricks with you!.
If you want to explore the Reverse Waterfalls in and around Pune, here are some:Reverse waterfalls at Sinhagad, at Satara, at Bhandardara, at Sandhan valley.