Incredible story of dying woman given new life by German athlete killed in Rio smash

Ivonette Nascimento Balthazar, 66, a Brazilian woman with seventy per cent of her heart tissue dead was waiting for a donor for 18 months.                                      
‘I knew I was living my final days,’ she tells MailOnline. ‘I couldn’t breathe anymore lying down.’
With their mother’s conditioning deteriorating every day, the family was fervently praying for a miracle to happen. They made sure that somebody was close to the phone all the time for fear that they would miss that important call, but the call did not come.
When a national security soldier was shot dead by some gangsters, the Balthazar family saw a ray of hope, but the soldier’s family refused to donate his organs.
Three days later the family got a phone call that a heart was available.
Since the family was too preoccupied with the mother’s health, they had no idea that Stefan Henze, a 35-year-old former silver medallist canoeist turned coach for the German team had died after suffering serious head injuries in a collision in a taxi.
Stefan Henze, 35, died three days after suffering serious head injuries in a collision in a taxi while returning to the Olympic Park

His death plunged the Rio Games in sorrow, but his tragic death came as a silver lining for Ivonette – her last and only chance at life.

‘It is incredible to think that the same heart that is inside me once beat fast with the emotion of winning an Olympic silver medal,’ she says.

‘But my happiness will always be tinged with sadness because of their loss. I worry so much for his family, how they are doing, what they are going through.’

Her daughter Renata only realized whose heart her mother was getting after she had gone into surgery. She has written to the Henze family to say thank you
In her exclusive chat to MailOnline, an emotional Ivonette breaks down in tears as she remembers the ‘extraordinary generosity’ of Stefan’s family towards her, a total stranger.                                                                    Courtesy: Mailonline
Organ Donation or pledging your organs is a noble deed which most countries encourage but due to a lack of organs the waiting period for a matching donor organ can be very long, sometimes as much as 2 years. But in China a person can get a heart and lung transplant in less than a week’s time.
Where do the organs come from since China had no organ-donation system until 2010? China insists executed prisoners are the source but the answer is that the harvesting of organs is by killing, and the victims are mostly practitioners of Falun Gong, a persecuted spiritual movement whose goals include better health.
One Chinese website boasted that it could provide matching organs in 1-4 weeks, a time-frame medical experts say is impossible unless the Chinese hospitals had access to a huge stock of living organ “donors”.
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