Does the Indian Taxi stand a chance in this race against the world’s Best Taxis?


The World’s Best Taxi Race was featured in the second episode of series twenty of Top Gear. It was staged by Richard Hammond in order to find the world’s superior taxi. Seven iconic taxis from seven different nations were assembled for a winner takes all race at the Lydden Hill race circuit. Unlike previous ‘scientific races’ the winner was the first to cross the finish line instead of the last car standing.

Hammond got the ingenious combination of motorsport and a handful of touring car drivers to help solve the problem of which taxi in the world is the best. The contenders for this “challenge” are: the Hackney carriage from Britain, a Volkswagen Beetle taxi from Mexico, the Ford Crown Victoria yellow cab from America, a Hindustan Ambassador taxi from India, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class taxi from Germany, a Toyota Hiace taxi from South Africa, and a Lincoln Town Car stretch limo-taxi from Russia.

Watch the nail-biting video below after you take a look at the 7 iconic Taxis.

The Hackney carriage from Britain
Volkswagen Beetle Taxi from Germany
Ford Crown Victoria yellow cab from America
Hindustan Ambassador taxi from India
Mercedes-Benz E-Class taxi from Germany
Toyota Hiace taxi from South Africa
Lincoln Town Car stretch limo-taxi from Russia

Top Gear Best Taxi in the World from Kit Lynch-Robinson on Vimeo.

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