This Instagram Account Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

When you combine two of the best things together, (fashion and food) life just gets a lot more awesome.

So if you are food + fashion fanatic, you are in for a visual treat today.

Instagram account Desserted_in_paris is making foodies around the world drool with its most delectable desserts and not to mention the matching pair of shoes that are pictured.

Tal Spiegel a pastry chef and graphic designer in Paris and has made sure to integrate his passion for making sweet treats and also collecting shoes.

According to Bored Panda, where Spiegel spoke out about the project, “There is a natural connection between the colorfulness of desserts and shoes, and this is a project I just can’t stop creating!”

Warning: If you are sweet tooth, make sure you have a nibble by your side. This sure to make you drool.

    1. Bling Level: Maximum

2. This raspberry croissant couldn’t be more perfect to start your day with

3. “I think it’s time you pick a book and eat it” 

4. A black dessert couldn’t get so beautiful

5. Emoji Bonbons to make you smile

6.  Blueberry Cake with Blue shoes

7. This plated dessert just warms our hearts