Japanese Artist Creates Literally Anything Out of Amazon Boxes


Japanese artist Monami Ohno is formally trained in 3D animation, having graduated recently from the Osaka University of the Arts. However, the artist has also made a name for herself as a sculptor and cardboard boxes are just what she needs to create the most intricate and jaw-dropping 3D sculptures.

It all began during her second year at the Osaka University of the Arts when she decided to specialize in animation. However, she ran into a bit of a problem as the shop fees for 3D animation are expensive, meaning that she could not animate as frequently as she’d like. As she was looking for another artistic outlet to get her creative juices flowing, Monami began experimenting with some old Amazon boxes lying around.

Monami discovered that cardboard is a much cheaper alternative when compared to other modeling products and also a fun medium to work with. All of her work is done with Amazon cardboard boxes as she prefers them for their uniform color and moderate thickness. Applying her knack for animation, she is able to craft models of tanks, weapons, shoes, beer cans, and other creations all of which are elaborate in design and detail.

What’s astonishing is the simplicity of the tools used, given the level of detail that is apparent in each and every piece of art. With only a pair of scissors, a box cutter, ruler, glue and masking tape, she is able to create the most incredible 3D sculptures.

Amazing 3D Sculpture

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Can’t Believe Its Only Made From Cardboard

Empty Boxes Turned Into Literally Anything

Simply Mind-blowing

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Each Piece Seems to be Better than the Other

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Beer Can

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