Japanese Couple Colour Their Lives With Co-Ordinated Coloured Outfits

While most of us find it hard to pair the right clothes with the matching shoes and bags, this Japanese couple has taken it to another level.

The silver haired couple who are in their 60’s have been married for the last 37 years, match their outfits everyday from colour co-ordinating to patterns. Isn’t it adorable that this couple has found the most awesome way to keep the love alive.

Their Instagram account bon_pon511 has take the internet by storm, they have more than 100K followers. The date of their Instagram account matches their wedding date (5-11-1980).

Doesn’t their adorable way to demonstrate their love for each other make you go all aww!!

Matching patterns

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Colour coordination to another level 

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A matching style too

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Their epic sense of fashion will make you question your’s

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They really are a true inspiration to to all those who believe in true love

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So cute! 

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Image Source: Instagram

[H/t: Boredpanda]