Japan’s Unique Retirement Homes


Retirement homes remind us of stuffy, overcrowded rooms and bingo nights. Elder care is becoming increasingly stressful for families who worry about how to properly care for their aging loved ones.

Japan, however, seems to have come up with a unique solution by creating some superior retirement homes.

Jikka, is a housing accommodation built atop a mountain ridge in 2015 for the elderly and people with disabilities. It is an architectural masterpiece comprising of five huts. Designer Issei Suma writes, “The newly-built [structure] rebuilds and recalls the original mountain ridge by giving each hut different heights.”

The home is well-equipped with a kitchen, shared bedroom, guest room, and bathroom. The 100-square-meter site also boasts of a wheelchair-accessible, swimming pool.

The home’s kitchen, which uses only local ingredients, is open to the public as well. It functions as a cafe during lunch hours and even delivers meals to the elderly in the local community.

The place is light, airy and offers beautiful scenes from the mountain top. Seems like an ideal place to retire for now.

Take a look at some of pictures of this astounding creation.

The Five Tepee-Shaped Huts


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The Amazing Spiral Shaped Bath For Wheelchair Users


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The Cafe To Dine And Unwind

Situated On A Mountain Top Amidst Beautiful Greenery


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Cozy, Comfortable And Calm

Makes You Want To Retire Early

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