Jupiter’s Northern Lights Are Larger Than The Earth


Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System put on a beautiful display of auroras earlier this year. Jupiter’s electric blue whirl is ultraviolet, unlike the auroras here on Earth, which show up as visible light. But the Hubble Space Telescope has been able to capture the incredible detail.

While solar storms cause the most intense auroras on Earth, Jupiter’s source is a bit different. Scientists are trying to unravel the secrets as Jupiter’s auroras are caused by a different mechanism than the one on Earth.

The giant planet’s atmospheric light shows cover an area larger than the entire Earth. Space scientist Dr. Jonathan Nichols tells, “These auroras are very dramatic and among the most active I have ever seen.” Astronomers are now turning their attention to the planet’s poles and observing Jupiter daily.

Jupiter’s auroras never cease and are hundreds of times more energetic than those seen on Earth. NASA’s studies declare that Jupiter’s storms are the most colorful in the Solar System. And now, astronomers just can’t hide their admiration of this celestial performance.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft also sent back the first ever images of Jupiter’s North Pole. The images show storm systems and weather activity that are unlike anything previously seen on any of the gas-giant planets. Scientists are keen to learn how much water Jupiter contains as this would be a key to unlock the origins of the largest planet.

The northern lights on Earth attract thousands of tourists every year. If space tourism becomes affordable, then ticket sales for the light shows on Jupiter would be a boom.


An Image of The Spectacular Aurora

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