Learn How You Can Relax At The Touch of A Button


Life at times can get pretty stressful. People today are so busy getting on with their lives that they just can’t find the time to relax and unwind.

Workplace stress no doubt takes a toll on your physical and emotional health. It can lead to a downward spiral — both professionally and personally.

There are thousands of apps that enable us to complete our tasks at the touch of a button. How about having an app that helps you to relax at the touch of button?

Apple has some of the best relaxation and meditation apps for your iPhone and iPad.

Ananda iOS


The most relaxing way you can spend on iOS is by purchasing the Ananda app. Whether you’re trying to focus, meditate, fall asleep, or simply dream a little better, Ananda has you covered.

Be Focused iOS


One of the major stressors of modern life is that we work so hard we forget to take breaks. This app comes with the ability to time your work and breaks, auto start timers, set targets for work, and more.

Sleep Machine iOS


Do the everyday sounds of the world get in the way of your rest? Sleep Machine provides you with over a hundred ambient stereo sounds, from gradients of white noise to rainfall. You can even mix in your favorite songs to soothe your troubled mind.

The Mindfulness App iOS


Mindfulness is a customized meditation and relaxation app that offers you more than just pleasant sounds—it offers you guidance. Guided and silent meditations from 3 to 30 minutes make it easy to practice anytime, anyplace.

Essence – Breathing Relaxation iOS


Essence is an ultra minimalist relaxation and meditation app. It features a simple tune, a white screen, a growing and shrinking ball, and text that tells you when to breathe in and out.