This Little Girl Will Change The Way You Look at Things

Meet Lacey Merrified the girl who was born with no arms. But that doesn’t limit her to keep moving forward.

Lacey has no elbows nor wrists but she still keeps striving ahead. Everyday is pretty much the same for this little girl – school, playing with her friends, getting ready, playing on her grandma’s iPad. And, she does it all with her feet.

This has never stopped her from doing what she has wanted to do. She can also pick up the tiniest blocks in the puzzles and put them together. She has really adapted to the school environment and this definitely shows how resolute this little girl is.

Lacey started to walk when she was 4 years old, as having no arms can be difficult on getting a perfect body balance.

The more you get to know Lacey, the more she is going to inspire you. She has also started gymnastic and horse back riding.

Watch this video of Lacey:

So the next time you have something stopping you from achieving your goal remember the power of perseverance and determination.