Little Taekwondo Warrior Stops At Nothing To Earn His White Belt


The antics of kids never cease to amuse us. Their minds are so pure, open and devoid of any notions. That’s why kids are so special and always bring a smile to us adults. They remind us of our true nature which is to be happy.

In the city of Temecula, California, a cheeky young kid is trying to earn his white belt in Taekwondo. All he had to do was to break the board with one leg to get his white belt.

The instructor advises the boy on how he should go about breaking the board. What follows later is more like a comedy skit than a combat training. The 3-year old martial arts prodigy takes his teacher’s advice too literally.

He jumps on the board with both feet, slams it with both hands and even kicks the board away resulting in widespread amusement and laughter among the onlookers. The laughter among the crowd does not affect him in the least and he continues to persevere.

After repeated instructions from his teacher, the boy eventually figures out how to break the board. He snaps it into half and is cheered by the other students as he celebrates his achievement.

Watch the hilarious video of the little master below.