This Magical Performance With Light Will Leave you Awestruck

Enra, a Japanese performing arts company will mesmerize you with it’s brilliant piece that involves many elements like dance, light, music, and more.
Cutting across all barriers, this Japanese troupe combines video and live performance without any language.
Through their performance they try to combine martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics, classical ballet, animation dance, juggling, street dance, and other multiple genres interweave with computer graphics in a fusion of performance and motion graphics to become a single form of expression.
This particular piece titled “Pleides” is like a constellation of stars. You will also notice that there is no margin of error. The dancers seem so in sync with the lights. At many places in the piece you will notice that the dancers seem like they  are swirling around with  light.

Any words would be short of explanation, thus time to drop everything you are doing right now and enjoy this visual treat: