A magical performance that packs in double the fun

A confident young Frenchman named Tony strode out onto the stage of “America’s Got Talent” and declared that he “wanted to show America my kind of magic.” After readily admitting to the the judges that his parents were against the idea of his pursuing a career in show business, he asked that he be able to to show them and the judges that he had what it takes to make it as a magician.                                                                                                                                              
After the jaw-dropping performance Lead judge Simon Cowell, who was visibly impressed, struggled to put his thoughts into words. Howie Mandel jumped in by observing, “It’s because of moments like this that I believe we are experiencing the best season ever.” Then Mel B said “You’re freakily, hilariously, magically brilliant. I absolutely loved it.” And Heidi Klum concurred, “It was amazing. It was very entertaining. Full of surprises. In 90 seconds you really piled in as much as you possibly could.”
Finally, Cowell found his voice and noted, “For me, this is 100 percent a Vegas act. I really do believe that. A really, really, really special audition.” He kicked off the vote with a resounding yes, followed by the rest of the panel. In the end, Mandel concluded, “Not only great magic, not only great talent, but great entertainment.”
Though a lot of sceptics picked holes in the act saying it is not magic, this was definitely magical entertainment!
I would not like to give away the secret but it was an act of twins. Moments after disappearing behind a screen, Tony seemed to split in two. Turns out he has an identical twin brother, Jordan. At the end of the act, the magicians’ assistant turned out to be an identical twin as well.

Courtesy: i.ytimg.com  www.flixxy.com