Man And Dog Bonding Will Move You To Tears!


The video tells the story of an elderly man and his dog who travel everywhere together. Even when he goes to visit the shops and his friends, the dog waits outside patiently till his owner always returns with a pat on the head and a treat.

That is until one day, when his owner suddenly collapses and is taken to  the hospital.  The man’s dog gazes forlornly through the hospital door as he is shut out of the building. He waits for his master outside the hospital building for days and refuses to leave even when it rains. But unknown to the dog his master has died and his organ harvested for transplant.

As it appears all hope is lost for the man and his dog, the hospital doors open to reveal a woman in a wheelchair. Her eyes meet the dog’s, who lifts his head in expectation and runs forwards to greet her. We are left to infer that the girl’s life had been saved by receiving an organ from the dog’s dead master. And the dog can sense the presence of his master in the girl since the girl is carrying the old master’s heart. The dog runs happily to the girl. The girl is unaware of the reason why the dog is delighted to see her but she smiles at the excited dog.

Organ Donation or pledging your organs is a noble deed which most countries encourage but due to a lack of organs the waiting period for a matching donor organ can be very long, sometimes as much as 2 years. But in China a person can get a heart and lung transplant in less than a week’s time.

Where do the organs come from since China had no organ-donation system until 2010? China insists executed prisoners are the source but the answer is that the harvesting of organs is by killing, and the victims are mostly practitioners of Falun Gong, a persecuted spiritual movement whose goals include better health.

One Chinese website boasted that it could provide matching organs in 1-4 weeks, a time-frame medical experts say is impossible unless the Chinese hospitals had access to a huge stock of living organ “donors”.

From circumstantial evidence it can be concluded that it is organized mass murder of innocent people practicing a spiritual faith Falun Gong. 10,000 organs are transplanted in China every year, yet there are only a tiny number of people on the official donor register. It’s become a destination for people wanting to avoid waiting lists and get a quick transplant. The industry is said to be worth a billion dollars