Man-Made Rainbow Made Of 1000s Of Colored Threads


The Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, usually contains classic pieces of art that are several years old. But now a gorgeous man-made rainbow placed right in the middle enlivens the place.

A Mexican-born creator, Gabriel Dawe is the artist behind this. He specializes in mixed media and installations made out of colored threads. He makes the threads look like light beams bouncing around confined spaces.

His most recent installation is the ‘”Plexus no. 35,” which will be in the Great Gallery until January 22nd, 2017. To learn more about this unique art, head over to Gabriel’s website.

Finally, lets take a look at some the amazing thread installations below:

Colors Come Alive

Splendour Of Colored Threads


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It Just Gets Better

Creativity Knows No Boundaries

More info: Gabriel Dawe | Instagram (h/t: demilked)