Man Plants Sea of Fragrant Flowers on His Farm to Make His Blind Wife Smile Again


They say that love awakens and enhances all your senses, but sometimes all you need is a loving partner who will do just about anything to make you feel special, and more importantly happy. Located in the town of Shintomi, Japan is a garden filled with lovely pink flowers called ‘shibazakura’ or moss phlox. Thousands of tourists flock to this garden every year, not because of its beauty but the heart-warming story that brought it into existence.

The story of this popular tourist spot can be traced back to 1956 when Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, a newlywed couple, purchased a plot of land in Shintomi. They built a dairy farm and settled into a simple but happy life, tending to a herd of 60 cows. The couple live with the hope that one day, upon retirement, they would be able to take a well-earned trip around Japan.

The Most Romantic Garden

After 30 years of marriage, Mrs. Kuroki started encountering problems with her vision. One week later, she lost her sight completely due to complications with diabetes. Devastated at the prospect of living with this disability, Mrs. Kuroki shut herself away from the world and began living a life of seclusion in her home. Mr. Kuroki had to find a way to bring his wife out of her depression when he stumbled upon a striking shibazakura flower in his garden.

A Labor of Love

He realized that this highly fragrant flower was perfect for his wife as it would entice her to come outdoors and enjoy their smell. Having a garden with these flowers would also attract visitors and make his wife smile again. Mr. Kuroki spent the next two years laying the foundation for this pink garden and within a few years, his home was surrounded by a sea of pink bright blooms attracting visitors from far and wide.

Thousands of Fragrant Flowers After 2 Years

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The garden now draws up to 7,000 people between late March to April with people hoping for a chance encounter with Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki. The couple have even transformed an old shed into a space wallpapered with photos and information about their story.