Man Tries To Hug Wild Lion

Zoologist Kevin Richardson (aka The Lion Whisperer) in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent many years studying Zoology in University, that he’s established some kind of respect amongst the animals there, understanding their behaviour and needs, sharing closeness that could be deemed as insane, but this man seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

I don’t think many could ever trust these Lions like him…

Lion Whisperer

How he’s gained this respect is incredible, as they act just like his children, rolling around with hyenas and these massive beasts is beyond belief the fact he’s alive to tell the story, all in one piece too, let alone feel so confident to bring a jeep of strangers to film this.

He uses his unique relationship with these lions to bring attention to Africa’s poaching problem,  fearing over the next two decades they will be forced into extinction. Kevin believes it is about the way we see these Cats natural instinct, as you can see in the video, they have the ability to be gentle and loving, its just us humans that want to see things so black and white, hunter and prey mentality, when really we should be thinking this species of wild animals should be understood.

lion hug

I take my hat off to him, as i would have never have thought of lions as an equal in considering its feelings and mannerisms to be so adaptable. hopefully with everyone seeing this, it will open our eyes to the devastating effect we are having to the wild.

smiling lion