Meet 6-Year Old Kicha Who Is India’s Youngest Masterchef


Are you bored of seeing the same old Masterchef shows from US, Canada, and Australia? Meet Nihal Raj, a 6-year old chef from Kochi, India who is making waves on YouTube with his culinary skills.

Since the tender age of five, Nihal has been drawing cooking enthusiasts and audiences online with his mouth-watering recipes. The boy’s ability to make simple recipes and explain them without a script awed his parents. His father, who is an advertising professional, created a YouTube channel for Nihal a.k.a. ‘Kicha.’

Over the year, Kicha’s father has made over twenty videos featuring the little chef in action. Recently, Facebook paid Kicha $2000 after acquiring the non-exclusive rights to his Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream video.

The little one also possesses amazing hosting skills and humor which is rare to find in a kid of his age. His talent soon found him an international stage on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ Now that is some milestone, considering he is only 6 years old.

On the show with Ellen, Kicha shows how to make ‘Puttu,’ a traditional breakfast from his native Kerala. Ellen mentions on Facebook, “This kid is a cutie. He showed me how to cook in his puttu kutti.”

Kicha is now a celebrity on social media. The below video features Kicha in a wee apron and a chef’s hat, teaching us how to make mango ice cream. You can check out more amazing videos of this little chef on YouTube.

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