Meet The Artist Who Uses Dirty Car Windows As His Canvas


Scott Wade is a Texas based artist who creates amazing masterpieces on the rear windows of dirty cars. He has been called the “da Vinci of Dust,” and “Michelangelo of Mud,” but he prefers the title of “Dirty Car Artist”.

Living on a long dirt road in central Texas for over 20 years gave Scott plenty of time to hone his craft of doodling on cars. In the summer of 2003, Scott decided to take his art to another level and what started off as an after-work hobby soon became a way of life.

Scott remembers drawing funny faces on random car windows until one day, out of curiosity – he pulled out a chewed Popsicle stick from his mouth and starting drawing with it. The results were fantastic and after years of experimentation, Scott perfected his techniques and discovered his own style to transform filthy cars into mobile art galleries.

Scott enjoys the challenges his unique canvas and ‘paint’ provide and has done a number of commissioned artworks for major brands around the world. He has also had opportunities to showcase his skills in international media, at fairs and festivals, corporate events and ad campaigns throughout the world.

The Dirty Car Art

Laurel And Hardy

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Fantastic Art From Dust

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Another Masterpiece

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