Meet Freddy, the World’s Tallest Dog

Freddy the great dane now holds the record for the tallest dog in the world.

Freddy started his life as the runt of litter but now look at him. He is 7 ft 6 inches and crowned by the Guinness Book of world’s records.

This 4 year old dog resides in UK and weighs about 200 pounds.

According to his owner Claire Stoneman is completely devoted to Freddy and his sister Fleur, spending over $15,000 a year on their care.

It is known that as puppy, Freddy demolished 23 couches! Woah, but now he is well behaved.

Here are some pictures of the “World’s Tallest Dog” :

Freddy with his sister Fleur and owner Claire Stoneman

Freddy sunbathing

He is really huge

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