Meet William Maillis: 9-year-old Genius Who Wants To Prove God Exists

William’s number one aim is to prove God’s existence by showing that an external force must have been responsible for the formation of the universe.
At 9 years old, William Maillis is no ordinary kid when it comes to academics.
At 6-months-old, William’s parents Peter and Nancy knew their son was different from his older siblings. He was identifying numbers, and only a month later, speaking in complete sentences. From there, William’s knowledge and abilities skyrocketed. He could read and write at age 2. Algebra, sign language and Greek were conquered by age 4; geometry and trigonometry by age 7.
While most other 9-year-old’s are in fourth grade, William after finishing third grade last year simultaneously attended fourth grade and high school while also taking some college classes and this year enrolled in college full-time, his dad says.

In May, he graduated from high school and is now a college student already working on his own theories of how the universe was created. 

He’s currently taking a full slate of classes at Community College of Allegheny County as a way to ease into life as a college student and plans to enrol next fall at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, according to his father, Peter Maillis, a Greek Orthodox priest.                                           

“It doesn’t bother me being the youngest student in class by far. I’m used to it by now.” says William with a quiet confidence beyond his years.

William, who aspires to be an astrophysicist, turned attention to black holes, space time and an absolute void he describes as pure gravity to argue that an outside force, such as God, was necessary to begin the universe. Already well-versed in the theories of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, William disagrees with their views on black holes.
Now, William’s number one aim is to prove God’s existence by showing that an external force must have been responsible for the formation of the universe. “I want to prove to everybody that God does exist.” William’s idea is based on an assumption that only an outer force could have created the cosmos in which we exist. The idea is not the first of its kind in the realm of philosophy and various fields of science, but William does want to present a new concept – he calls it “pure gravity” – that may, he hopes, help him formulate a more cohesive theory in the future.
Master Li Hongzhi the founder of Falun Dafa, the exercise and meditation practice writes in the Introduction of his definitive book Zhuan Falun
(an excerpt) …While people often claim that their scientific pursuits are to “improve quality of life,” it is technological competition that drives them. And in most cases they have come about only after people have pushed out the divine and abandoned moral codes meant to ensure self-restraint. It was for these reasons that civilizations of the past many times met with destruction. People’s explorations are necessarily limited to this material world, and the methods are such that only what has been recognized is studied. Meanwhile, things that are intangible or invisible in the human dimension, but that do objectively exist and do reveal themselves in real ways in this immediate world—such as spirituality, faith, divine word, and miracles—are treated as taboo, for people have cast out the divine.                                                                                                                                                                

Courtesy: People magazine