Miners Unearth Huge Jade Boulder Worth $170 Million


In Eastern cultures, the jade stone has a lot of significance. It is known to bring in love, healing, money and protection. In ancient China, jade was known as “Yu,” or the royal gem. Its value was comparable to that of gold and diamonds in western culture. People still revere and treasure this stone as they did over the past 5000 years.

Recently in Myanmar, miners have unearthed the world’s most valuable chunk of jade stone. The colossal 200-ton stone measures about 14 feet high and 19 feet long and is worth an estimated $170 million.

Myanmar produces some of the world’s finest jadeite and it makes up nearly half of the country’s GDP. The record holder remains a 286-ton carving at the Jade Buddha Palace in China and this stone is the second largest ever found.

The miners consider this discovery as a huge accomplishment and a good sign as it was found during the time of their government. Expensive jewelry and sculptures will be made from this boulder as the miners plan to send it to China.


The Gigantic Jade Boulder

Image Credit: @yahoo
Image Credit: @yahoo