Who was the Mysterious Figure that appeared after a Deadly Landslide in Columbia?


When the city of Manizales, Colombia recently experienced heavy rains over the course of a month, it caused a massive landslide leaving 17 people dead, dozens missing, and many others seriously injured.                                           

After the catastrophe, as crowds began to gather to mourn those who were lost and injured, a mysterious figure rose up in the sky. The crowd fell silent as it witnessed a rare cloud phenomenon taking shape against the backdrop of Sancancio mountains.    

The unusual light in the sky was witnessed by residents a week after the natural disaster

People were awestruck not by the radiance of the light but by the form that the light was taking.

A woman identified as Marya de Iesus recorded what was described as a religious experience and shared it online, where many said it was an apparition of Jesus of Nazareth.                                                                                                              

She wrote with a video: ‘Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town. He had a calming effect on the skies and on the people huddled below.’

‘God blesses us and glory to Lord and Universe King.’

A man almost went down on his knees saying: ‘Oh, my God, my blessed God, come here to see the misery. 

‘Look at this, look at this, blessing God. Glory to the Lord!

‘Do you see the Lord there, rising?’ 

What appeared there caused a lot of people to believe someone was watching over them…

Rescuers from the Red Cross, civil defense, firefighters and armed forces were searching for the disappeared in the mud and debris of destroyed buildings.

Running water, electricity and gas services had been suspended in the areas affected by the landslides.

Those reacting to the video online had mixed opinions on what was being seen. 

Sandra Mejia said: ‘In this moment of pain, people want to believe it is a divine item that gives them hope and strength to keep on living and fighting.  

But others suggested a more straightforward theory could explain the beamed figure. 

Noe Bazan said a shaft of sunlight breaking through the clouds was the reason people saw Jesus.   

‘This is a natural phenomenon with the light of the sun through different types of cloud,’ he said. 

‘It happens in all parts of the world.’ 

Whether you believe in guardian angels or not, you have to admit that it’s uplifting for this grieving community to find some solace.                                                        Courtesy:boredomtherapy.com, dailymail.co.uk