Natural Air Purifiers: Aromatic Herbs That Can Be Grown Indoors


Did you know that there a variety of toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds lurking in your homes? Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health as a stagnant indoor environment allows pollutants to build up and stick around in great amounts.

Being a part of nature’s cleaning system, plants can be very helpful in purifying the air indoors and keep you and your family happy and healthy. Some of these plants not only function as air purifiers but are also effective in repelling insects.

Having the right indoor plants can help eliminate almost 90% of the volatile organic substances. Rather than having an electronic air purifier, you can opt for some of these natural air filters that can be grown indoors.

1. Woodbine

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Also known as European honeysuckle, this plant comes in handy when you have indoor stairs. It gives a very sweet scent, especially at night.

2. Rosemary

This evergreen plant can be kept indoors throughout the season and gives you a pleasant aroma the whole time. The most important function of this herb is that it can help humans improve cognitive function and shield the brain from free radicals.

3. Mint

When it comes to indoor planting, mint is simply the best. It is such a versatile herb that it can be used in cooking, making perfumes and for purifying the air indoors. It is especially useful for people with lung disorders as it makes the air easier for them to breathe.

4. Lavender

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A great plant for air purification as its aroma relaxes the lungs and helps you sleep better during the night. It is also an excellent insect repellent.  Quick tip: ensure that you’re not allergic to this plant before using it.

5. Jasmine

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Jasmine is one of the least expensive plants, has a very pleasant aroma and is great as an air purifier.

6. Geranium

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There are hundreds of varieties of geranium and they all possess the following qualities: excellent aroma, mosquito repellent, purify the air and look great when blooming.

7. Coffee Plant

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Coffee plant takes about 4 years to start blossoming. Once it blooms, it smells so refreshing that you probably would prefer to skip your morning coffee and feel gratified by just inhaling its aroma.

8. Basil

A common herb that has a rich aroma and like the others, helps to reduce the carbon dioxide in the room. It can be cultivated easily in all climates.