Do You Have The Nerves To Drive On These Risky Roads?

We all definitely enjoy driving on a smooth road with a scenic backdrop that just would take your breathe away. But there are many of us who also have an adventurous side that would like to explore some of the most dangerous road around the world.
If you are one of those, this compilation of these five roads around the world are for you to travel. So get ready to explore these crazy roads!


1.  Atlantic Ocean Road (Norway) 

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Also known as the Atlanterhavsveien is definitely one of the most scenic roads to have a road trip on. This unique stretch of over 5 miles takes you very close to the ocean  and is built on small islands. But if you are not careful you can immediately crash into the ocean where the waves are constantly hitting.

2. Eshima Ohashi Bridge (Japan)

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Very aptly mentioned by many to be a roller coaster ride this one mile bridge is one of the steepest bridges in the world. The bridge is built so high in order to facilitate the movement of fishing ships without the interrupting  the traffic.

3.  The Himalayan Road (India)

Apparently the highest road in the world with an altitude of about 11,578 feet. An absolutely rugged road, this road is known to be only one lane and engulfs around the Himalayan mountains. But you will notice tourist buses still passing through this road.

4. Tianmen Mountain Road  (China) 

Spanning 6.8 miles and with 99 bends, Tianmen Mountain Road, located within the Tianmen Mountain National Park, in Zhangjiajie, in Hunan Province, in China. Only the most experienced drivers can manage to drive on this road.

5. Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand) 

This really narrow road has dangerous cliffs around it. It would be really unlucky to encounter a car or vehicle heading into the opposite direction, as there is really no place to move an inch over.