Is The New Google Pixel Better Than iPhone


The new Google Pixel isn’t just another phone, but the best Android phone you can buy. That’s because the Pixel has a lot of advantages you won’t find in any other phone.

We will now list out some of the most important unique features in the Pixel:

1. It Has Google Assistant


It is the first phone with the Google Assistant built-in. This new digital helper from Google is simply incredible.

2. You Get Android Updates As Soon As They’re Ready


Android phones seldom get timely updates. That’s because manufacturers need to take time and modify each new version of Android with their own extra software. The Pixel is the only phone that guarantees you of getting new updates from Google as soon as they’re available. Now that’s something!

3. There’s Built-In Customer Service


This phone has an app that lets you chat with a customer support agent 24/7. It even lets you share your screen with them so they can guide you more effectively and efficiently.

4. There’s A Tool That Makes It Easy To Switch From iPhone


The Pixel comes with an adapter so you can plug your old iPhone directly into the Pixel. A new transfer tool helps you bring over all your data from the iPhone to the Pixel.

5. Get Unlimited Online Storage For Your Photos


The Pixel comes with free unlimited storage for all your photos and videos in Google Photos. Every photo or video taken will automatically go into Google Photos. So, you never have to worry about losing any of them.

6. No Extra Software From Wireless Carriers


Most Android phones come with extra apps that are useless and do nothing other than bog down your phone with a bunch of junk. The Pixel doesn’t have any crapware, just the apps from Google you really need.

7. You Avoid Unnecessary Software Modifications From The Phone Maker


The Google Pixel runs the clean version of Android, which is the best way to experience the operating system. And you can only get it on the Pixel and a few Nexus phones.