Nostradamus Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency 500 Years Ago


Nostradamus Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency 500 Years Ago. And It Doesn’t Look Good

While the Donald Trump administration continues to coalesce and plan for the future, the world is wondering how very few saw his victory in the 2016 election coming. Most pundits, polls, and politicians simply didn’t expect it.

There was, however, one who might have seen the Donald coming… and he did so way back in the 16th century. That’s right: famed French psychic Michel de Nostredame—better known as Nostradamus—may have predicted that this was going to happen. And he had a serious warning for when it did.

After correctly predicting (as some believe) the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, World War II, and 9/11, it’s possible that legendary psychic Nostradamus may have predicted Donald Trump’s infamous rise to power—at least, according to folks on the always-reliable internet.