Not A Tree House But A Tree Inside The House


Aibek Almasov is a young and promising architect from Kazakhstan. A unique futuristic project called the Glass House has made him renowned in the community of architects.

The tubular tree house designed by Aibek is a tree house with a difference. He came up with the idea of a glass house when he was still a student. The mountain view from the window of his room was the inspiration for this project.

The Glass House is a transparent cylinder built around a towering fir tree. The four-storey house offers spectacular views of the forest and mountains surrounding it. A spiral staircase that ascends through the floors provides a 360 degree view.

Though the house may lack the conditions for a permanent residence, it is definitely designed to snap out of the concrete boxes and feel at one with nature. Check out some of the pics of the amazing Glass House below.


Tree In The House

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In The Arms of Nature

A House That Offers 360 Degree View of The Forest

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Wish I Could Live Here

A View From The Top