Optical Illusions you will find mind-boggling


Optical illusions are meant to mess with your mind. They”ll make you go cross-eyed in no time. There”s usually a very simple explanation for what”s going on in an illusion, but I still can”t wrap my head around what”s happening most of the time.

Here are a few animated illusions that you might have a hard time comprehending. I know I did.

1. Wait…what?

2.They grow and shrink

3. I bet he works out!


4. Talk about a seamless transition!


5.I don”t know what the heck is going on here. They”re falling at the same time?



6.Ah, this old trick.



7.I’m totally confused.


8. Suspended disbelief!

Street artist Odeith creates pieces that appear to hover in midair between two adjacent walls

thanks to his skill with shading and perspective.


Yeah, I”ll never understand this.

Yeah, I

I”ll need this to go with that weird table.