Pencils Are More Than Just A Drawing Or Writing Tool


Cindy Chinn is a visual artist from Nebraska who is renowned for her pencil lead carvings. While most whittlers would find it difficult to get the details on a pencil, Cindy has proven that she isn’t your average sculptor.

Cindy says that she had been seeing carved pencils online and wanted to try her hand on it. The Annual Miniature show was coming up and she was determined to come up with something different.

She found a carpenter pencil in a shop and started working on micro carvings of incredible detail. The carvings take hours to complete as graphite is very soft and scars easily.

Cindy also admits that its not easy to find micro tools small enough to suit her needs. As a result, she often creates her own carving tools from awls and small screwdrivers. The job comes with a lot of challenges but Cindy’s passion and commitment enables her to produce exquisite masterpieces.

Her first pencil carving was of a train and in December 2015 it went viral across social media and the internet. Now she has created a name for herself as a talented miniature sculptor. And if you love her work, you can check out more on her website.

Take a look at some of her fine works below.


The Miniature Train!

Simply Awesome – Pencil Head

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Shoe Carved Out of Lead!

An Elephant Herd