People & Incidents That Lit Up Social Media And Went Viral in 2016


Social media is ruling the world these days. People and incidents intentionally or unintentionally go viral, and trolls the social media via Facebook, Twitter etc.

1. RIO 2016

The 2016 Olympic Games had taken the top spot on social media globally. It was a rage among people of the participating countries.

2.Mohammad Ali

The world lost the American professional boxer and activist. He was one of the few most significant and celebrated sports figures. The whole world mourned over it.

3. Donald Trump

Mr. Trump, the US president, needs no special mention for going viral in 2016. I guess almost everyone is aware of his speeches and videos that made people go crazy. He had lit up the social media all through the year 2016. First his anti-Islamic statements that melted the Internet, then the election campaign against Hilary Clinton, and lot more hot news.

4. Halima Aden

Halima, a teenager Somali and US immigrant, made history and lit up social media by participating in the Miss Minnesota wearing fully covered dress with a Hijab.

5. Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi blew away the social media by implementing the demonetization plan overnight. Well, he has always been trending in social media, not much of a deal for the PM. He too has been too much viral over the Internet.

6. Pakistani Chaiwala

Arshad Khan, a teenager Pakistani tea seller, became so famous after a photograph of him went viral on the Internet that he signed various modeling contracts. He used to sell tea at a tea stall in Pakistan and a pic of him went viral over the Internet and made him world famous.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Well, this was not only in NEWS online but offline as well. The explosion of Galaxy Note 7 phone had freaked out people all over the world. Passengers traveling on flight were literally checked if they were carrying any Note 7 handset. Finally the phone was recalled by the company.

8. Rodrigo Duterte

Mr. Duterte, the current President of the Philippines, made headlines when he called President Obama as “son of a whore” in the media, before the Laos summit.

9. Brexit

The social media was lit up when the United Kingdom withdrew itself from the European Union and came into existence as Brexit, a portmanteau of “British exit”.

10. Game of Thrones

Who does not know about Game of Throne? The HBO drama series that drew huge audience that loved tweeting and posting updates about its episodes and characters.

11. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic superstar finally won his first Oscar after being nominated for 5 times drove his fans over social media crazy.

12. Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt

The most praised couple of Hollywood “Brangelina” broke up and broke the hearts of millions of their fans as well. One of the most shocking celebrity splits of all times that went viral and lit up the social media.