These Phenomena Prove That The Earth Is Not Done Surprising Us


Human knowledge of the Earth can never become absolute or all-inclusive. Our planet has already witnessed several rare and mysterious phenomena. Some of them continue to be a puzzle as scientists try to figure out what they really are.

A glance at the below incredible phenomena and you’ll be shocked to know that you were totally oblivious of our planet.


Light Pillars

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This beautiful optical phenomenon occurs when light from the sun, moon or city lights get reflected from ice particles in the air.

Dancing Forest, Russia

The trees in this forest are twisted and bent into loops and spirals. The locals believe the place is haunted while scientists say that it could be the effect of parasites.

The Brocken Spectre

If you’re mountain climbing and looking away from the sun, you may suddenly see a huge shadow surrounded by a rainbow halo. It is actually your own shadow cast against the mist. The rainbow halo results from the diffraction of light.


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This phenomena was caught on camera only after 1989. Sprites are electrical discharges which occur high above a thunderstorm cloud. They are triggered by the discharges of positive lightning between the thundercloud and the ground.

Ice Circles On Rivers

The swirling waters of the river forms perfectly round circles of ice. Pieces of ice begin to turn, grinding down the corners of the surrounding ice and become a complete circle.

Naga Fireballs, Thailand

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The Naga fireballs are a natural, inexplicable phenomenon witnessed along the Mekong River. These crimson fireballs usually occur in October, rising 30-50 feet above the water before disappearing.

Red Tide

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Enormous amounts of tiny red algae near the water’s surface lead to red tides. During red tides, oxygen content in the water decreases while hydrogen sulphide and ammonia increase.