The Phoenix Hair Trend Will Light Up Your Hair

Hair trends come and go. Over the last year we saw numerous hair trends ranging from the galaxy dye to the half rainbow and more.

But over the last month, our Instagram feeds are taken by a storm over this new technicolor trend – The Phoenix hair.

Many of us may remember  Celebrity Hairstylist Guy Tang for the mauve metallic hair dye or the ocean waves. This time, Tang has invented a new concept that will make your head spin – The Phoenix hair.

This dye contains colors of orange, red, yellow, and purple neon pigment that will give you a vibrant look during the day. But if you thought that was all to it, then you should probably wait for the best or most craziest part. This hair dye will make your hair glow in dark. Making you look all bright in during the night. Tang, uses Kenra Neon color dyes to achieve the desired look.

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The Vibrant Morning Look

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Night look – Glow In Dark

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Feature Image Via @Guy_Tang