Photographer Spent 3 Years To Get His First Shot of Seals on Ice


Alexey Trofimov is an extremely talented nature, wildlife and landscape photographer. While on an expedition to Lake Baikal in Russia, Alexey managed to snap a cute baby seal on the ice.

Alexey says that he has waited for three years to get his first picture as it is particularly difficult to shoot the seal pups on ice. He admits that he is delighted to have been able to get the picture as these animals are usually shy, cautious and easily frightened.

It was a very rare and special moment and Alexey managed to get fairly close to the pups. If the pups are not too scared, then they become curious about you and this is what this seal was doing.

The below video features the adorable seal pup waving at the photographer. With its soft fluffy fur, big glassy eyes and friendly wave, this sweet pup can melt even the most stony hearts.


[Feature Image: @YouTube]