Places Where You Can Get Up Close With Slimy Sharks

If you are an adventure seeker then these five destinations around the world is sure to get your adventure level high. Diving with Sharks is not only heart pounding experience but really it requires one to be a daredevil.
We compiled 5 destinations around the world to swim in close encounters with these species:

1.  Tiger Beach, Bahamas

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For close encounters with tiger sharks this is a place to add to your bucket list. This sis surely an adventure for the daring underwater photographers  to snap some amazing pictures with these mighty species.

2. Placencia, Belize 

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If you want to be in close contact with the largest fish species namely the whale sharks, this is your chance. Make sure to visit this place during the period of March-June. The best time would be during a full moon day though.

3. San Diego, California 

Enjoy a glimpse of the blazing fast shortfin mako sharks. Divers can spot them during the period of June to November.  Here you get the chance to go sans cage with both of these beautiful pelagic predators at one time.

4. Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

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This place is considered as one the best shark dives in the world. One will be stunned by looking at as many as eight species of sharks at one time, including tigers, bulls, sicklefin lemons and many more.

5. Hebrides, Scotland

Basking sharks are the world’s second largest fish after the whale sharks reaching lengths of about 30 feet. Scotland is the ideal base for encounters with basking sharks, which arrive at Scottish Bank during the summer months.