A Powerful Practice Helps A Young Man Come Out of Drugs And Despair


The youngsters of today are spoilt easily and get into self-destructive habits. It’s come to a point where people can no longer discern the good from the bad. But it’s never too late to realize the truth, and eliminate the follies of your youth.

I am going to share the story of a young man named Mateusz from Gliwice, Poland. His experience will highlight to us the importance of continuously striving to be good.

A Difficult Youth

Mateusz was a big fan of sports and martial arts. He lived in a neighborhood where one’s fists would define and protect one’s dignity. He was taught by his father to always seek vengeance if insulted. But in his mind, fighting was not for fun. It was to protect himself or the weak and he rarely missed a tussle on the street.

He loathed the smell of cigarettes and alcohol, but was surrounded by them – in his house and throughout the neighborhood. Gradually, he became addicted to them too, although deep in his heart, he still hated them.

Searching For Another World

Beneath the surface of his turbulent life, Mateusz was nonetheless on a spiritual quest. He read books on oriental meditation, martial arts and other books on metaphysics. He also tried hallucinogenic drugs at the same time.

Mateusz was sure that beyond this world, which is full of pain, unfairness, prejudice, and illusions, there is a real and wonderful world. But those books didn’t answer his questions on the meaning of life, the purpose of being a human and more.

As he continued his search for books on cultivation, he came across a blue-covered book on an online store. One of the reviews said: “This book can fundamentally change one’s mind, and help people to quit all kinds of addictions. It can change one’s body from deep inside, and uplift the cultivators to the realm of consummation.”

This book was Zhuan Falun, the core comprehensive book about Falun Gong – an ancient spiritual practice from China. However, after reading the preface, Mateusz put the book away. “I don’t deserve this book,” he thought, “because my body is too polluted, full of alcohol and drugs.”

Striving To Cultivate

In his quest to explore the spiritual world, Mateusz kept trying all sorts of things. He even started consuming more drugs and this caused his family and friends to worry about him. He felt forsaken because nobody understood him.

One night, he took 10 times the usual dosage of drugs. He woke up at midnight and began to cry in desperation. He was so sad that he didn’t want to live anymore. Mateusz then saw the book Zhuan Falun on the bookshelf, seemingly covered with a gentle and warm halo.

All of a sudden he felt immense compassion, a compassion that could melt steel. Hope rose in his heart and he began reading the book. It made him realize his bad behaviors – the drinking, smoking, and using drugs. He knew that he had to get rid of them if he wanted to cultivate and return to his true and original self.

The next day, Mateusz announced to his family, “I will change. I will quit drugs, and be a good son.” He was 19.

A Life Reinvigorated

Mateusz experienced great changes as soon as he started practicing Falun Gong. First, he seemed to have a heavy cold. The symptoms included dizziness, blurred vision, low appetite and aching bones. However, he remained calm and understood that it was a process of eliminating karma and purification of the body.

Every day, Mateusz felt that gigantic amounts of dirty karma and bad notions were taken away from him, and his body became lighter and lighter. By practicing Falun Gong, he became cleaner, purer and wiser from the inside to the outside.

He read the book over and over again and learnt from fellow practitioners’ experiences about incorporating Falun Gong’s teaching of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in his daily life. Mateusz then moved to Warsaw as he wanted to be responsible for his own life and not be a burden to his parents.

He now works as a customs officer at the airport. He encounters different kinds of people daily and treats them kindly. Cultivating Falun Gong has completely changed the way Mateusz handles conflicts in everyday society. Falun Gong has taught him to be a truly good person and he hopes that he can become more compassionate and peaceful through cultivation.


Mateusz Performing A Standing Exercise of Falun Dafa

The Falun Gong Meditation


Mateusz (right) With Friends

[Image Source: @minghui]