Quadruple Amputee Inspires Others With True Beauty

Kaitlyn Dobrow’s life changed forever in February 2013. Kaitlyn nearly died after she contracted bacterial meningitis.  She is now a quadruple amputee, but her new outlook on life after surviving the terrifying ordeal is nothing short of amazing. Read on and see why Kaitlyn is such an inspiration.

Kaitlyn spent six months in an intensive care unit where she had 20 surgeries including skin grafts. Candy Cooper, a nurse who cared for Kaitlyn, shared how thrilled she was with Kaitlyn’s healing when she visited Kaitlyn in the burn unit, saying that her recovery was “nothing short of a miracle.”

“It’s not just her physical progress but her mental progress,” the nurse said. “Things like this change you. You get a different introspective on your life than you normally would have. It forces you to look deep in your soul, at what people mean to you, and how strong you really are.”

Kaitlyn was very interested in cosmetology and started beauty blogging on YouTube, showing make-up tutorials. The brave beauty has pink blotchy scars on her face from where the blood clotted and restricted blood flow to her tissues. She doesn’t always get the makeup on right the first time, and she laughs when she struggles to apply the beauty products. And it’s her cheery outlook about all of those imperfections that have helped her connect with others, reaching them with inspiration.