These Quick Change Artists Are The Master’s Of Disguise

Have you ever wanted to change your color and merge yourself into the background to avoid a situation like not doing your homework and not being caught by your teacher? We all have had that subtle thought once in our life atleast.

Chameleons as you many know are lizards that change color often.

There has been a myth that chameleons change color to hide from predators. But that is wrong, as chameleons are creatures with an incredible fast speed. Some can even run up to 21 mile per hour.

It is said that when a chameleon is calm it is green in color which naturally blends into the nature. On the other hand, male chameleons are known to change color when they get excited upon seeing a female chameleon or a male rival. The colors change to become more orange, red, and yellow.

Have you ever wondered what really helps them change their color? For many years scientists have believed its due to specialized cells called the chromatophores.

But whatever it maybe this breathtaking video of a chameleon changing it’s color in the Madagascar region is quite a stunner.