A Real Challenge – Making Your Kitties And Christmas Trees Coexist


Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is so excited. We spend hours shopping for the perfect Christmas tree and much more decorating it. Once it’s all set up, you’d just want to sit back and admire at the beauty of the twinkling lights and delicate ornaments.

But what if you have a cat at home who is surely going to be smitten by your Xmas tree? By bringing in a tree, your pet is going to feel that you’re a great parent, having enriched its environment. However, your joy is going to be short-lived if your cat clambers onto the tree and starts knocking needles, decorations and tinsel everywhere.

These shiny, swaying objects can seem like toys to your cat. Perhaps they’re waiting to be swatted by your cat. Chances are that your pet could also get hurt due to the electrical cords used to light up the tree.

It’s important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe Christmas. If you have pets that love to spoil your Xmas tree, then use repellents, put up roadblocks and choose your tree wisely.

Don’t hang any breakable or edible decorations on the lower half of the tree. Do not keep electrical cords dangling from the tree and remember to unplug lights when you are not at home.

Here are some hilarious pics of the mischievous felines.


Just The Perfect Place For Me

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Someone Knocked Down That Tree, It Wasn’t Me

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I Hope They Don’t Find Me In Here

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Whatever, I’m The Star

This Is My Personal Amusement Park

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