The Rise of Indian Women In Global Entrepreneurship


When it comes to career options, we’re often told to do what drives us. However, not many of us follow our dreams or simply lack the patience and perseverance needed to realize it.

Do you fancy becoming a successful coffee maker or tea vendor? Meet the 26-year-old Uppma Virdi, a successful Indian-Australian lawyer, whose passion turned her from a recreational tea-enthusiast to Australia’s Businesswoman of the Year!

In addition to being the founder of ‘Chai Walli‘, a massively successful tea retail business, she is also a renowned community and business leader.

Uppma’s love for tea goes all the way back to her childhood. Her grandfather, a doctor specializing in herbs and spices taught her the art of making Ayurvedic tea.

She says, “In the Indian culture people come together through tea. Whether it’s a happy occasion or a difficult moment, tea is all pervasive. I tried, but couldn’t find many good tea places in Australia.” Her aim is to educate the Australian society about the Indian culture through tea.

Whether she was bringing tea cups to offices or selling them at market places, the special blends were sold out in a moment. And after a lot of hard-work, social-media marketing, networking and good teas her business now flourishes.

Uppma also runs “The art of Chai” workshops to teach people how to brew the perfect tea. Her parents were at first totally against her becoming a ‘Chai Walli.’ But after seeing their daughter bag the award in a grand Sydney ceremony, they might be thinking otherwise.

Her achievements will no doubt inspire all the young business women across the world!

Finally, take a look at Uppma’s relentless passion for tea in pictures:

We Believe That Good Tea Is An Art

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The Chai Walli Squad

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Love Drinking Tea Or Love Making Tea

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Winning the IABCA Award

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