Sand Art: Temporary But Absolutely Beautiful


One of the latest sensations on the internet is Andres Amador, a landscape artist from San Francisco. Using only a rake and some help from volunteers, he creates amazing large-scale sand paintings on beaches.

Andres says, “My dream is to do my artwork in locations around the world and to bring more people into the creative act with me.” His canvas reaches its full potential during full moon nights where the drawings come out intricate and full of life.

Andres holds a degree in environmental science and started his career by joining the Peace Corps. On his return, he worked for his father in a computer business and eventually started making good money.

He had a change of perspective after returning from the Nevada desert festival known as ‘Burning Man.’ He was influenced by the larger-than-life installations at Burning Man, and began creating pieces of his own as a result. His study of geometry and interest in the crop circle phenomenon and ancient architecture eventually paved the way for him to become a sand artist.

The drawings are done during the hours-long window between low tide and high. He carefully sketches each pattern and geometric design in a sketchbook, before reproducing the superb designs in the sand.

The huge masterpieces survive only for a few hours before being engulfed by the tide. Although the patterns appear and disappear in the span of a day, the appreciation for Amador’s art just keeps growing.

A quick glance at some of his jaw-dropping works is enough to awe you.


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