Is The Sixth Sense in Animals Closer To God?


When we tend to talk about Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), we limit ourselves to human beings. But out there in the animal kingdom ESP is an innate gift given to them by the creator. We all know right from the microorganisms to the elephants and humped back whales they are programmed and wired to the heavens above. Look around you, and you can see how dogs heightened sense of hearing can catch sound waves from a distance or the language of hoots which dolphins use to communicate among themselves and with man, or the legendary memory of elephants, and so the list can go on and on! And look at the animal kingdom celebrate Nature and in tune with the elements. There is nothing that the animal does that goes against the laws of nature. Look at an animal relax and it almost looks like it is in a meditative state, grateful to his maker!



Don’t you get the feeling by looking at this incredible picture that this little animal puts its paws together to express his gratitude to his creator?Humans can learn so much from the natural world. While we often struggle to get along with each other, animals can make room in their hearts even for natural enemies.

Why has man who has also been gifted with the sixth sense lost it? Man has got caught in the base instincts of greed, lust, jealousy and man made religions and laws. He has lost the original gentle side of kindness, gratitude, tolerance and being true to himself.

But in a civilized world why do humans who always refer to bad behavior among humans as ‘behaving like an animal’ can be cruel and barbaric toward fellow human beings? Even in today’s civilized world Chinese Torture is inflicted on hapless victims of an exercise and meditation practice called Falun Gong which the Chinese Communist government perceives as a cult.

People who practice Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) in China are arrested, imprisoned, tortured and often killed. Falun Dafa is a traditional spiritual practice of mind and body similar to traditional practices of yoga.

One just cannot fathom why one human being could inflict so much pain on another.

Fragile and pregnant women who practice Falun Dafa and are not willing to give up the practice are soft and easy targets for torture. The Chinese Communist government has a special terror force that take sadistic pleasure in trying different torture methods that go beyond human decency and imagination.

In years to come the world will be truly horrified by what is known now to a few.