Son Discovers Dad’s Valuable Secrets only after his death


While a single dad struggles with poverty all his life, his son resents him and the poverty.    


When the son goes away to college his visits home stop completely, till he hears about his father’s death.

While cleaning his father’s trunk he stumbles upon his dad’s terrific secret that changes his life forever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why is it that in life we tend to resent, find it difficult to appreciate little gestures or en, in any social setting, is seen as gauche; instead, we’re taught that if you’re truly good at what you do, people will recognize your efforts and hard work without you needing to say a word. This is why the father never said a single thing to his son. He tried to teach him by example, but the son – influenced by modern western values – failed to learn.

From a more objective standpoint, is this a terrible way to teach? May be, yes. But it’s also something very deeply embedded in Asian culture. Look at the Karate Kid: how was he taught? By making him do silly tasks over and over again, he comes to realize the value of those lessons. We educate implicitly, not explicitly, and lead through example. You are meant to infer and come to your own conclusions.

Gift—Singapore-Inspiration-Drama-Short-Film–Viddseecom from nidokidos on Vimeo.