The Strangers Project: Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Have you ever looked at a stranger and wondered what his/ her story was? Or really what it is like being you?
These are questions that led to start the Strangers Project, about  seven years ago.

The mastermind behind  this project is a guy named Brandon Doman from New York. As he was sitting outside a coffee shop he looked at hundreds of people pass by, and was curious to find out about their lives. He then took out a marker and a notebook and wrote “Hi There! Please stop and share your story!”.

Soon, two ladies  stopped by and wrote about their lives – that is when his project kicked off.

Through the last 7 years, Strangers project has collected over 25,000 handwritten stories from tens of thousands of people around the US that are spontaneous and anonymous.

Brandon, also displays these stories in various public spaces and people are allowed to come read them.

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These are stories of people from various walks of life be it a teacher or a doctor. They are stories about joy, love and loss.

Inspirational message from a Afghan Girl 

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A positive message

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This proposal is the cutest

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If you are curious to know more, you can glance through his published book – What’s Your Story? that showcases 200 stories from the Strangers Project.

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