Striking Images of Insects Bathing In The Morning Dew


David Chambon is a French photographer who hails from Lyon. He is a master of macro insect photography who likes to capture the splendor and magical moments of nature.

Even if you’re not an insect fan, you just cannot deny the beauty of his photos. He ventures out early in the morning to capture various insects perched on flowers and leaves.

The beads of dew glowing from the tiny bodies of those insects look like jewels that would sell for thousands of dollars. Over the past few months, David been working on a phenomenal series of photos featuring dew-covered insects.

Though all of his macro shots are amazing, it’s his morning dew series that stands out from the rest.


Jewelled Wings

Nature’s Splendor

Dews or Diamonds

Simply Astounding

What a Shot

Nature is The Stage, No Doubt!