Summer Party Hack: Wow your Friends With a Cool Skinned Watermelon Trick

With the temperature soaring up, with every single passing day. The craving and need for frozen treats, juices and anything cool is only growing.

And, the best and most delicious way to hydrate your body is with watermelons. While there are many hacks out there, we found one that is not only easy but will also wow your friends.

This easy hack will require 2 watermelons that are similar in shape and size.

With the first watermelon, you have to make sure to cut in a way such that there is no green of the skin left but only the red part which we call as the “skinned watermelon”.


With the second watermelon, all you need to do is slice it into two halves and then make sure to carve out the inside of the watermelon by cutting it into small square cubes, this way you will be left with two halves of the harder shells of the watermelon.


You can now insert the first watermelon into the outer skin of the other and make sure that its chilled.

When you go out there to show off this trick to your friends, it will see like you have some super power. Once you are done wowing your friends with this cool trick. You can slice the watermelon and eat it as a refreshing snack to beat the summer heat.


Watch the entire video by former NASA engineer Mark Rober: