Does the Swastika in the Crop circle hold a message?

CROP circles according to conspiracy theorists are real and contain hidden messages from aliens or human time travellers, a scientist has claimed.
Dr Horace Drew, 61, who holds a PhD in Chemistry from Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, and worked for CSIRO as a molecular biologist, has been researching crop circles and aliens for 20 years. He also suggested that the mysterious phenomena are a method extra-terrestrial beings are using to try and peacefully communicate with the human race.      

Skeptics say crop circles are most probably made by humans with some even trying to hoax the general public as pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley did.

A huge crop circle in the shape of a swastika has been spotted in the Wiltshire countryside.  

The symbol, which has been cut into a huge field in Beckhampton, near Avery, Wiltshire, is roughly 150 to 180 ft wide. The formation is so big it can be seen from the nearby road and has been cut into a farmer’s field of crops without him giving permission.
The farmer, who was initially shocked (as you would be) upon discovery, said that he has since been told the symbol is Hindu and means ‘positivity’.
Ancient mysteries author Hugh Newman, who captured the footage via drone of the huge formation said the ancient symbol is actually positive and can often be seen on Buddha statues going back thousands of years as well as on temples and houses.
Svastikam–“Wheel of light” from Sanskrit, the symbol dates back over 2,500 years and has been unearthed in cultural relics in Greece, Peru, India, and China. For centuries it has connoted good fortune, represented the sun, and been held in positive regard..
In ‘Zhuan Falun the definitive book of Falun Gong meditation practice Master Li Hongzhi explains the concept and significance of Swastika which is part of the Falun Gong emblem.
Master Li Hongzhi says, “Let me tell you that this symbol itself does not connote any concepts of class. Some people say: “If its corner tilts to this side, it’ll be Hitler’s thing.” It is not so, because it rotates both ways. Our human society began to know this symbol widely twenty-five hundred years ago in Sakyamuni’s time. It has only been several decades since Hitler’s time during World War II. He appropriated it, but the color he used was different from ours. It was black and pointing upwards, and was used in the upright position. I will only address so much regarding this Falun, though I have only mentioned its superficial form.”
“Then what does this srivatsa  symbolize in our Buddha School? Some people say that it stands for good fortune, which is an interpretation of everyday people. Let me tell you that signifies a Buddha’s level. It only exists at the Buddha level. A Bodhisattva or an Arhat does not have it. But senior Bodhisattvas, the Four Senior Bodhisattvas, have it. We have found that these Senior Bodhisattvas have far surpassed the level of ordinary Buddhas, and they are even higher than a Tathagata. Beyond the level of Tathagata, there are numerous Buddhas. A Tathagata has only one  symbol. Those who have reached beyond the level of Tathagata will have more  symbols. A Buddha whose level is twice as high as a Tathagata has two  symbols. For those who are still higher, they have three, four, five srivatsas, and so on. Some have so many srivatsas that they are all over their bodies, including on their heads, shoulders, and knees. When there are too many of them, they will even appear on their palms, fingers, foot arches, toes, etc. As one’s level continually increases, one will have more and more  symbols. Therefore, the  symbol represents a Buddha’s status. The higher a Buddha’s status, the more  symbols a Buddha has.”
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